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La Ville Nouvelle

Most visitors to Fez only pass through the Ville Nouvelle on their way to and from the airport. Whilst it can’t match the historical intrigue of the Medina it is a pleasant place to spend a few hours. Foodies will enjoy sampling Moroccan cheeses in the Marché Central, or indulging in patisserie at one of the many excellent cafés.

It is also worth stopping at the Ensemble Artisanal. Here you’ll see a range of Moroccan goods on offer which helps as a price comparison when haggling for goods in the medina. There are also a number of artisan workshops behind the shop, working with everything from leather to copper and pottery.

The Ville Nouvelle is also home to the Nausikaa Spa which offers traditional treatments in more luxurious surroundings than the hammams of the Medina.

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